Mulberry    Trees

Mulberry Trees - Mulberry Leaf Juice

Mulberry trees have edible and nutritious leaves - as silkworms can attest.

However these leaves have a rather high proportion of fibre, which gets stuck between your teeth, and is rapidly satiating.

This effects limit consumption - and can easily result in not consuming enough mulberry leaves - if you are not careful.

One approach to this issue is mulberry leaf juice.

For this, you will need:

Produce: Fresh, washed mulberry leaves

Equipment: Twin gear juicer

After processing the former produce with the latter equipment, you should obtain:

Output: mulberry leaf juice

Mulberry leaf juice is broadly similar to wheatgrass juice. It is not as sweet - and the taste is reminiscent of mulberries. Both seem to make me shake my head involuntarily during consumption. Both are probably best consumed diluted.

Problem: mulberry froth

Mulberry leaf juice is about a frothy as wheatgrass juice, if not more so. Spraying water onto the surface can help with this problem a bit.


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